March 4, 2011

Mixing Brights! Go boldly where you have yet to go!

Question? How many of you would feel comfortable walking down the street in something like this? Anyone? No one? Yeah, me neither! But, what about tee with a mustard (although it might look tan in the picture) skirt and a purple tee with a blue skirt. It's madness...

When it comes to mixing solid, bright colors there are a few things I like to remember, so as not to look like a one woman circus. First, I tend to shy away from Holiday colors - I once tried a red shirt with the blue skirt shown and I looked like I was celebrating the Fourth of July in October. Similarly, red and kelly green should be avoided unless you want Christmas to come early (although I usually want it to!). Second, always incorporate neutrals, maybe even a few, through accessories or jackets. In the above pictures, you can see that white, cognac, and black brought together the outfits. Third, attend to the season with the material and accessorizing neutrals. In order to bring these combos out of hibernation, I would use a nude pump (instead of the black boots I'd be wearing with them now) and a pendant necklace with loads of bangles! The season also controls some of the color combinations. In spring and summer, I think that anything goes with turquoise...coral , blue, pink, and yellow. In the warmer months, I tend to use more white as my neutral, rather than black. So next time you pull for the black skirt while shopping, or the white button down to go with that red skirt, see what a little color could do for you!

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JRebeccaStyle said...

Style Challenge of mixing brights! Good timing :)