March 7, 2011

'Tis the season for tunics!

Whether they be empire waist, A-line, belted, or drawstring...tunics are IN for all shapes and sizes! A tunic, to me, is an "almost dress" - it has to at least cover your bum - and be of a flowy or loose fabric/shape that can be worn numerous ways.
My preferred method to wear these jems in these pseudo winter/spring months is with leggings, opaque tights, or skinny jeans with a blazer or long cardigan on top or a solid turtleneck sweater underneath, and of course, a pair of boots. In the summer, I'll be using the bottom two for beach wear and the top left (with a longer black slip) and colorful wedges, and the top right with longer shorts or slim fit capris, belted, and gladiator sandals! What I won't be doing with tunics? Wearing them with flared or boot-cut jeans, trouser pants, or any kind of skirt. Essentially, anything that doesn't outline your legs. It's important to balance the proportions, i.e. volume on top and slim on the bottom. As far as where these elusive tunics are, Kohl's the Simply Vera Collection and Francesca's Boutique pulled through big time. As much as I complain about the in between seasons, I'm really excited about the layering options that tunics provide right now!

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