May 24, 2011

The suite suit of summer

The white pantsuit. If you are required to be "business" at any point during the next five months, go and get one! After being in North Carolina on a business trip earlier this month in a khaki cotton suit and absolutely sweltering, I can't even fathom the idea of putting on my black poly blend pantsuit until it drops below 60 degrees. While still looking crisp and polished, a cotton or maybe cotton & linen white pantsuit from J.Crew allows your skin to breathe and capitalize on the summer glow you are sure to quickly obtain this Memorial weekend. 

Although I'm all for brights or black & white, you will quickly resemble John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever" if you go with too much contrast. Therefore, I recommend taking a cue from Rihanna and Halle, by pairing your jacket with another white shirt, not necessarily all white but with a white background. Consider any of the below beauties from Anthropologie a perfect compliment... 
  As far as accessories, nude heels...not brown or black, and some minimal gold accessories, like a boyfriend watch and hoops. I promise it's making enough of a statement already!

 If you are wearing this fab ensemble for a night out or bridal/baby/wedding shower, why not opt for wearing some metallic strappy sandals with a cocktail ring and tee rather than a blend into the crowd summer dress?! The following options from Anthropologie will help create this look.
In addition to stealing the show in this seasonal trend, consider the options that a white blazer and white pants have with your existing summer items!

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