May 25, 2011

Minimalism by Forever XXI

I have spent enough time and energy at Forever 21 over the years to know that it can be difficult to actually walk into the store and not walk immediately back out! There is an assumption (for some) that it will take hours to go through it all and come out with some thing worthy of your time. I can promise you that I have never had a trip in to the depths of cheap and trendy that was unsatisfactory! Cross my heart. That being said, I want to encourage each of you to give it a shot by showing you what they have to offer that is on trend and likely under $30. I have made a personal commitment to spending less money on quantity and more on quality pieces; however, when it comes to something that can or should come and go with the season, Forever 21 is your place. Please note that even though the items are perfectly on target trend-wise, be sure of your purchases, or at least the possibility of another journey to the store, as their return policy includes merchandise credit only for clothes and no returns for accessories. A small price to pay, in my opinion, and hopefully, after seeing what they have to offer, in yours as well!

I'm planning on doing a few trends by creating outfits solely at this retail giant. First up? Minimalism. Let's get an idea of what exactly this means. I think of it as clean lines and tonal combinations - no prints, frills, or embellishments.
3.1 Phillip Lim

1. Jersey dress and a oversize button down
  2. Double breasted blazer, colorblock tunic, and black leggings
3. A cropped, boxy knit and A-line skirt
4. Red strapless maxi
The keys to this trend are to consider unconventional pairings, both in tone and in shape - the boxier the better! Also, keep accessories on trend...
 Have you found anything awesomely minimalistic at XXI? Do share!

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