May 26, 2011

Adapting Style from...Jennifer Hudson

Louise of St. Louis rocked a look I'm loving - a bandage skirt and tucked in blouse with caged booties. Let's recreate it, shall we?!

J. Hud's skirt has some texture to help make the skirt more appealing than just some stretch of cotton & spandex. There are three skirts at Urban Outfitters...I know, I know I pull from this site a lot. It just continually sells such varied and unique pieces that it's really hard not to come here immediately after searching the internet unsuccessfully for the pieces that mimic those being worn by celebs and more financially blessed fashionistas. 
The top should be very loose and flowy, even consider buying a size up. Remember that the focus for attention is on your bottom half, so keep the blouse neutral. These from Zara are perfect!
Like I said, the focus should be on the bottom half, which includes your shoes. Make them as interesting as the skirt! These from Piperlime will work gloriously.
 Happy imitating and adapting :)

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