April 1, 2013

Crush of the Month - This Time Tomorrow

While I know how much I am inspired by the many, many fashion bloggers who I visit every day, you might not. So, I've decided to showcase one stylish fashionista per month to broaden your scope of inspiration and increase their influence, because they deserve it! My second installment of this series (see the first here), in giving credit where credit is due, is about Krystal Bick.
Krystal Bick is the author of the blog This Time Tomorrow in San Francisco who works in fashion, and therefore, can take sartorial freedom in a perfect climate. So jealous! She taught me how to dress up a beanie, gray sweatshirt, and Hunters while also making me realize I need a pair of overalls, white pumps, and slouchy leather pants. I also have to credit her with my purchase of a Michael Kors gold watch, snakeskin booties, and a pair of statement sunnies. There is a certain way that she is able to  be minimal with maximum impact. Since I almost always layer (or overlayer), I have learned that a shirt and skirt combo can still provide interest with the right shape, colors, or textures.

To you, Krystal!
All images via This Time Tomorrow

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