June 1, 2011

And warm woolen mittens...

If I had to pick my top five girl crushes, Jessica Biel would most certainly be on it. Therefore, it seems natural that my favorite beauty item for the summer would be featured on her gorgeous lips. Coral and hot pink lipstick is an instant update that is easy, yet makes a big impact. A full face of make-up during the sweltering days that will quickly descend upon Chicago is an utter waste of time and it looks totally out of place with all of the easy breezy clothing you'll be wearing. Less is more for the coming months, so throw on a tinted moisturizer (with spf), curl your lashes and top with mascara, fill in your eyebrows, blush your cheekbones, and finish with an attention grabbing lip color. My best advice is to go to a Sephora or Ulta and try 'em on. It might be the case that you can try on a Bare Escentuals and find a similar shade by Revlon. The exchange/return policies at both stores are beyond excellent, so if you acquire a tan and need a darker shade, feel free to head back in! There's also the option of walking into a MAC and get a consultation about the perfect neon pink or coral for you consider the hundreds of shades they carry.
 This will definitely be my way to go about it. Plus, with names like Lady Danger and Impassioned, who wouldn't get some confidence before walking out the door?

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