July 6, 2011

The ABCs of Summer

In addition to the other trends that I have showcased thus far...

1. Make your nude shoes match your skin tone...camel, beige, blush, tan, etc. a la Eva Mendez, not Selena Gomez. You totally lose the effect of elongating the leg with a too light or too dark nude.

 2. Invest in a couple clutches - nothing says a lack of accessorizing quite like pairing your day tote with an LBD or interrupting a strapless dress or halter neckline with a shoulder bag a la Anne Hathaway.

3. Be content in contradictions - pair a girlie dress with funky jewelry, a belt with a buckle, or booties

4. Mix your brights and your metals - as far as I can see it, there are no rules

 5. Embrace the mid length - just keep the top tucked in

 6. Do do white on white - mix textures or even shades of white & cream, and highlight a standout piece in a bright color or cognac/olive

7. Blazers, sweaters, and booties go with shorts - Instead of wearing your jeans with a tank, go the opposite way and show off your gams and cover up your top!

8. Just because it ain't tight, don't mean it ain't sexy!

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