July 7, 2011

Cage the Animal

I would not like to think about what my work or weekend outfits would be without these three pairs of shoes. Black wedged, cognac laced, and snakeskin stacked...all in the caged style that zip up the back. 

They literally look good with anything. Shorts, short skirts, flowy skirts, maxi skirts, pencil skirts, cropped pants, bootcut pants, wide leg pants...have I covered it all? I think in comparison to peep toes or pumps, they bring an punky flair to an outfit that could maybe be blah blah boring. 
Case in point: Jenna Dewan vs. Nicky Hilton.
I mean, ignoring the adorb leopard cluth, I personally prefer Nicky's take on this dress with the caged booties. It adds some interest to an otherwise humdrum, albeit sexy dress. I mean, there's a time and a place for Jenna's but if I can have an opinion, which on my own blog I think I can, I'd take Nicky's every time. This style of shoe takes any outfit from plain sophistication to edgy chic, which I obviously prefer.

Get some for yourself - my black and cognac ones are from Target and the snakeskin are from JCPenney about a year ago, but thesethese, and these are uber cute too.

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