August 29, 2011

Doorbells and sleigh bells...

Even though I first started this "My Favorite Things" montage with the intention of it being a summer feature, it appears that I'm barely halfway through the song and Labor Day is right around the corner! Therefore, I am continuing this through fall, especially since transitional times are my favorite times to challenge my own sense of style. Case in point: printed trousers.
While they were certainly around all summer (as evidenced by Solange Knowles and Margherita Missoni) paired with fedoras, crop tops, espadrilles, and sunnies, I am looking forward to layering them up a bit to have them be less of an "in your face" statement piece, which will be accomplished through pairing them with other textures like tweed, jean, leather, lace, fur, or wool. And just to clarify - my definition of a "print" includes floral, tribal, animal, polka dots, and stripes - not just plaid or hounds tooth...borrrrrring. Well, not entirely, but it just doesn't work with this post. These gems can all be found at Zara.
For the warm days we still have, pair with a neon yellow tank, gold hoops, and nude pumps. Once fifty degrees hits, wear them with a lace tee and a black bandeau/bra, black ankle boots, feather earrings, and a black motorcycle jacket
 Now...a chambray shirt, long bead necklaces, strappy cognac platforms, and a fedora. Later...the same shoes with an over-sized slate gray blouse (not tucked in but definitely buttoned up), fur vest, brown floppy felt hat, and a choker around the collar.
The last sip of sauvignon blanc on a rooftop can be enjoyed while wearing these with metallic gladiators, a tee with thin stripes, and a olive green utility vest. The first sip of a pumpkin spice latte can happen in burgundy pointy toe flats, a crewneck sweater in bright purple, pearls, and a tweed blazer.

Perfect transitional piece? I certainly think these suckers qualify.

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