November 1, 2011

Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings...

In the past, when I have considered adding a "pop" of color to a one color or no color ensemble, it has been with red - red shoes, red clutch, or red lipstick. However, recently I have been obsessed with adding royal blue into my arsenal. Whether it's through sweaters, jackets, pants, shoes, scarves, skirts, or purses, this vivid hue is crashing the neutral palette party that is my fall wardrobe.

Whether paired with cognac, black, black, tan, or gray, it doesn't matter, this color is unabashedly, forcefully, and strikingly the center of attention. I like that in an item, it's clearly after my own heart.
XXI Epaulet Knit Sweater
Ivanka Trump Pinkish
Old Navy Chiffon-Trim Tees
XXI Double Breast Knit Jacket
XXI Short Suede Skirt
And, even though the images of my favorite style stars show this bold blue in mostly fancy combinations, it can be cas too, especially when worn in a lovely jean

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