November 11, 2011


Many people only own tartan with which they feel associated, be it through a clan, family, surname, or military unit. Others choose their tartan only out of personal taste. This, my friends, is where I fall. Since the Victorian era, authorities on tartan have claimed that there is an etiquette to wearing it. Thank goodness I didn't come into contact with one of these authorities or an anglophile while in this alley. Otherwise I may have had a "barney" or received a "bollocking" with some "bloke" or "bird" leaving them "cheesed off" and me having made a real "cockup." As you can see, I only made it to the "c's" in this list of British slang. 
Club Monaco vest, H & M jacket, XXI Plaid Shirt, Target turtleneck, Old Navy skirt, Francesca's pearls, Nine West mary janes, Love That Pink lipstick
Inspired by Atlantic-Pacific

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