November 9, 2011

Glittery Ring

Revlon Gold Coin and Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink
Since I am in no way close to showcasing a diamond sparkler on my all important ring finger, I figured, why not make it pop just the same? Just throw some glitter on that sucker and call it a day. Never has there been more of a no holds barred season for manicures. Teal, black, orange, blue, purple, and ombre nails have all made there way to the runways. And with so many inexpensive options, what's the harm in just being ballsy with one stinkin' nail? The way I've found it most effective is to paint all your nails the same color. Allow them to dry, then paint on two coats of glitter and follow with a top coat. Hopefully I can get more talented and draw some leopard spots or a houndstooth pattern later on in the season. Maybe just on my left hand though since I'm not fully ambidextrous.

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Ginger Blair said...

Hey there! Can you tell me what these bottom two colors are? Thanks :)