November 21, 2011

Coat of Arms

My style is anything but simplistic. The more layers, colors, and textures, the happier I am. I would even venture to say that there is a direct correlation to my daily happiness and the amount of items I am wearing in a given outfit. That being said, I can appreciate the women who personify simplistic style. I'm thinking Kate Middleton, specifically. She consistently exudes an understated class in her day looks and evening attire. Personally, I would be slightly panicked at walking out the door in just a dress, without, for instance, a statement necklace, chunky booties, and/or patterned tights, but gosh darn she pulls it off. One of the many reasons she stole the Prince's heart rather then yours truly, I'm sure. Recently, she has nailed the look of the winter coat. She let the coat's color and silhouette flow on her frame without interruption from adornments or extras and maintains the coat's hem and neckline as the focal points.

There is a time and place for the leather bomber, parka, and fur vest over a utility jacket (as has been displayed in other posts); however, respect the overcoat for what it is - a lil dose of a princess-like grace and elegance in your every day.
Old Navy Women's Wool-Blend Double Breasted Coat

Old Navy Women's Wool Blend Car Coat

J.Crew Double Cloth Metro Coat
east5th Long Cashmere Blend Coat

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absolutely adore the J. Crew coat!!xo