January 20, 2012


Green | Everybody, Everywear
H&M Blazer, XXI shirt, NY & Co jeans, Aldo shoes, Revlon Orange Flip lipstick

Things have escalated., friends. My first blog post was about color blocking and it's incredible how much this trend (or likely my own comfort level) has grown since March of last year. I had a few rules before, but they don't apply anymore. Ah, the ever changing world of fashion. Neutrals aren't needed to break up the colors and the hues don't have a season - neon yellow, fuchsia, teal, and tangerine work now. Teal and peach is my current favorite; however, there are so many to chose from, some from this blog post, as well as the combos below. Man, I love me some brights!

Red & Pink; Mustard & Purple; Burgundy & Orange
Brown & Black; Tangerine & Lilac; Neon Yellow & Camel

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two birds said...

i love these jeans on you. i need a pair, and might just have to head to NY & Co. also, i envy how great you look in red lipstick! gorgeous photos!