February 13, 2012


"I wish I had brick in my apartment." - Shit Chicagoans Say

The phenomenon that is, "Shit _______ Say," has swept genders, locations, and careers (among many others demographics) without discrimination. The video focused on Chicago left me with my mouth agape, shaking my head, rolling my eyes, laughing, and crying because I was guilty of saying literally everything (in some form) at least once. Was my response due to shame or pride? I'm not sure there's a difference when it comes to this city - there's just as much to hate as there is to love. That being said, you better believe that if you hate on my city, such as complaining about the winter, traffic, or construction, this Chicagoan will swiftly talk some mad shit about you. Fair warning.

LC by Lauren Conrad leather shorts, vintage sweater, Nine West booties, Target bib necklace, Kenneth Jay Lane blue beads and ring, Loft gold belt (worn as necklace), Revlon Fire & Ice lipstick, and Revlon Minted and Gold Coin nail polish

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