April 19, 2012


I have been on the quest for the perfect boyfriend jeans (and boyfriend, for that matter) and found both recently - what luck! The jeans hail from Gap and the man? He's a good friend from high school - go figure! When the fit, and timing are right, magical things can happen, people.
Target Kimono, NY & Co blouse, vest via Crossroads, Urban Outfitters lariat necklace, Gap Sexy Boyfriend Jeans, Jessica Simpson pumps, Limited earring, bangles from NY& Co, Claire's, and Express, Revlon Minted nail polish


SavoryStiletto said...

Love the boyfriend jeans, and the boyfriend is pretty cool too:) I'm going to have to head out to Gap soon and snag a pair I think!

Katie said...

i like this post. happy for you! the jeans are cute. i had a great pair a few years ago from NY & Co. and they seemed to have vanished. :(
btw great choice with the pink extensions! perfect little pop of color without doing anything drastic!

DressUpNotDown said...

I'm liking the layering of this outfit, and your hair looks GREAT!