June 22, 2012

Summer of Sequins

 Going with the theme of surprising colors or textures to wear in the warmer months, what about sequins? I'm sure that in mentioning that word, your thoughts go immediately to New Year's Eve, Christmas, bachelorette parties, or drag shows, but I have attempted to show you that sequins are daytime appropriate (here and here). However, I understand the trepidation in pairing these sparkles with espadrilles and linen. I looked at my favorite item of sequins this morning and thought, "Can I do this?" The answer was an overwhelming "Yes!" once I actually put it on. Sometimes that's all it takes. I mean, what's the worst that can happen? You look in the mirror and go, "Eh" or maybe even "No way, Jose" and put it back on the hanger. This is the reason that I have begun to do less separating of what to wear when by not switching over my entire closet each season. Another option I'm seeing for these sequins is with a graphic tee, cut-off jean shorts, and Chucks.
Steve Madden espadrilles, Gap jeans, Old Navy tank, Anthropologie jacket, Hobo clutch, Francesa's cuff and necklace

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