June 29, 2012

Tribal Tattoos

Ironically, in the last post involving this skirt I discussed tattoos. What I didn't disclose at that time, was that my tramp stamp is of the tribal nature. Go ahead and judge, but you know that you have one, dated someone with one, or regretted (up until 2005) that you didn't pull the trigger on one yourself. Thankfully, I'm still in love with my tribal art; however, it might be because I barely see it...it being on my lower back and all.  If I had put it around my bicep (only if I was a dude), I'd have turned it into something else already...like a sleeve. Sleeves are cool.

Vest, tank, bangles, and ring via Crossroads, Target skirt, Calvin Klein heels, Stella & Dot necklace, Skaagen men's watch, Express earrings, BCBG Sunnies

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