July 3, 2012

Nashville Sun

After a road trip down to Nashville for the weekend, I have learned a few things:
1. I have never been hot before.
2. I have never really heard live music before.
4. My boyfriend drives like Bowser from MarioKart.
5. Alka Seltzer works wonders on a Sunday morning.
6. Tinted moisturizer is your best friend.
7. Boutiques are my best friend.
8. Cowboy boots go with everything (apparently).
9. A stand up bass goes with everything (literally).
9. As bad as styrofoam is for the environment, it keeps your drink really cold.
10. Coronaritas are only a good idea in theory.

Baccio 61 sandals, H&M tank, Merona belt, and lace shorts via Crossroads, no name clutch, Francesca's necklace, earrings from Pangea, bangles from Fire Finch and Crossroads

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