October 10, 2012

Cherry Garcia

When it comes to cool treats, I have a few favorites that I don't stray far from: vanilla soft serve with sprinkles, pistachio gelato, and Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia frozen yogurt. I have a strong aversion to melted ice cream, so unless it's frozen almost solid, texture is necessary. These options have the chunky additions of sprinkles, nuts, cherries & chocolate chunks help to make it feel less...soft, smooth, and liquidy. While most recently I've had more of the pistachio variety, I can remember many a night spent studying physics during my junior year of high school indulging in a pint of Cherry Garcia. I should do that again soon...without the physics. 

American Apparel tee, NY & Co skirt, Jessica Simpson heels, Charming Charlie purse & bracelets, Target necklace

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