October 15, 2012

Varsity Reds

Surprisingly, I was never a football player, but I did have many friends who were during high school (including my now bf). When "Varsity Blues" came out in 1999, my hometown felt a great deal like West Canaan, TX. No, we didn't have Jon Voight as varsity's head coach, our teachers didn't moonlight as strippers, and no one named Billy Bob drove around with a potbelly pig; however, the team did do whatever they wanted (with little consequence) and Friday's in the fall were always spent at McCracken Field, whether you had any connection to a player. I feel like this type of outfit, in our school colors of black & orange, certainly fits the bill for attending a home game. Well, maybe flats instead of stilettos...you know how dangerous traversing that stadium seating can be!

Princess Vera cardigan, XXI peplum tee and plaid shirt, Gap boyfriend jeans, J.Crew belt & purse, Sam Edelman pumps, BCBG sunnies

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