July 11, 2013


As far as brights go, fuchsia would have to be considered my most versatile. After purchasing this linen jacket from the Zara sale, I have wanted to wear it every day. And as you can see from Instagram, I have done almost that! It compliments primary colors, moody darks, and soft pastels. Although I have to credit my Nars Schiap lipstick with broadening the influence of the color "fuchsia" in my daily life. 
Have any lipsticks helped your color combining skills?


DressUpNotDown said...

What pretty heels and nice fitting jeans!


Katie said...

i've been looking everywhere for a hot pink blazer! so cute

Madeline Veloria said...

Fun outfit!! Love the richness of the fuchsia...it definitely compliments you! And those are such fun heels!! Mixing leopard and floral?? It makes me *swoon* :P

Veloria in velvet