August 1, 2013

Lately (August Edition)

Since I'm on an spending freeze (ok, not complete freeze, maybe a frost), which I'm happy to do to make our wedding everything we have dreamed of, I'm relying on you to purchase these must-have items that would make up my monthly "Lately" feature. Then, please tell me all about it so I can live vicariously through you. Thankyouverymuch.

1. Denim Skirt :: Please understand that this is not the Abercrombie version that you wore in high school with wedge flip flops. Find yours herehere, or distress your own with a consignment or thrift store find!
2. Matching Short Suit :: Your new date night outfit can be found herehere, hereor even create your own with a blazer and shorts in the same print/texture/color paired with a plain blouse. 
3. Grid Print Blouse :: This graphic print is more chic than plaid or gingham and not as overdone as horizontal stripes. Pick one out for yourself at Forever 21.
3. Reflective Shades :: These 90s throwbacks provide an instant pop of color along with the ability to people watch without being caught. Find yours herehereor here.
5. Vertical Stripe Trousers :: They're slimming and don't require a lot of thought since your best bet is to pair them with white, black, or chambray and leave color for the accessories. Find yours here, here, or here.
6. Neon Yellow Statement Necklace :: While the colors of mint, coral, or turquoise fade after August, this bright will prevail and brighten up all autumnal shades. Find yours here, here, and here

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