September 27, 2013

A Sad Day

Today, we lost our Hurley. This big boned yellow lab has brought much joy and love to our family and friends for the past 12 years. When my brother started high school, he really wanted a guy's dog, which was understandable since he had previously been forced to walk up to four Maltese at a time around the block! My mom found a breeder and we surprised my brother the summer before his sophomore year with around 10 lbs of blonde fluffiness and delicious puppy smell. At the time, he was in his skater and PacSun phase, so naturally "Hurley" was a cool name for our new addition. Hurley had all of the personality of a lab - calm, playful, and loyal - and the delusion that he was a small lap dog, which became a problem after he exceeded 100 lbs. He came to us house trained and was quick to learn how to behave during walks, although my mom was never able to keep him from running for the ditches of mud and water after it rained! He loved walks, chewys, cuddling, having his ears rubbed, giving kisses, being constantly underfoot, and sitting next to you with his paw on your knee. We quickly learned not to wear black and that not even a Dyson vacuum could make an impact on his shedding, but we loved him anyway and he loved us back. Towards the end, when the melanoma took over, he lost some spirit and exuberance, but he lived a full life of happiness and we'll always remember him smiling.

Rest in peace and without pain, Hurl.

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