September 6, 2013

Crush of the Month - Thankfifi

While I know how much I am inspired by the many, many fashion bloggers who I visit every day, you might not. So, I've decided to showcase one stylish fashionista per month to broaden your scope of inspiration and increase their influence, because they deserve it! My next installment of this series (see the others here), in giving credit where credit is due, is about Wendy Gilmour of Thankfifi.
At the onset of blogging in 2011, Wendy was quickly recognized by newspapers, magazines, and style websites in her native Scotland as a force in the blogging world. I recently discovered her through the Lucky Community and was immediately smitten, and not just because of the fluffy Mr. K. This girl is a pro at remixing items in her closet, like the yellow crew neck sweater seen below. Whether it's under a belted plaid scarf, with a tweed jacket and leather shorts, or tied around her waist, each wearing of this seemingly simple staple is new and inspired. Plus, she has an obvious confidence to rock the seemingly "hard to pull off" trends, such as a belt purse, overalls, fringe boots, or a denim baseball cap. This Scot is certainly one to watch. 

To you, Wendy!

All images from Thankfifi

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