September 18, 2013

How To Layer Bracelets

When it comes to jewelry, I consider myself an aficionado and I have a rather full jewelry armoire to prove it. Although other accessories are definitely not unchartered territory, I feel the most confident when my neck, arms, fingers, or ears are bedazzled. However, the daily decisions of what to wear on each does not come easy. Therefore, I rely on a few guidelines to make sure I'm not overwhelmed and still on time for work every morning. Last month, we talked about necklaces now it's on to bracelets and how to layer them.

A few pointers if you're just starting out:
Mix your metals 
Think of your bangles for their texture, shape, or size, rather than their metal. When you start to see your accessories as rocker, hippie, geometric, or girlie rather than viewing them as gold, silver, gunmetal, brass, or rose gold, your options are limitless
Infuse color 
If I wear a pattern or color block, I try to highlight at least one hue with a bangle or cuff, just like you would with nail polish.
Keep it odd 
Details and objects that are arranged or grouped in odd numbers are more appealing, memorable, and effective than even-numbered pairings. Odd numbers create harmony and force movement and visual interest - this rule is not just for interior design and architecture!
Add a watch
Just because a watch isn't of the "bracelet" type doesn't mean it can't be part of the party.
As you can see, I've been known to create an "arm party" or two in my time. This idea of layering baubles upon baubles and mixing materials was coined by the Man Repeller herself in 2011 on Instagram and it's still going strong. Case in point, a hashtag search of the term returned 469,802 pictures - quite an impact!  Creating your own is a very subjective experience, so don't set yourself up for needing to go big (i.e. wrist to elbow) or go home. There have been countless websites and vendors committed to showing you how to mix up your wrists. Check out Stella & DotCharming Charlie, and BaubleBar to create or add to your own!

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