November 6, 2013

A Month in the Life

This month has been up, down, and sideways with emotions. Obviously, I broke my ankle and had to have surgery - results included inserting a plate and six screws with eight weeks of not putting weight on it. Also obvious, it was the last month before our wedding, which takes place this Saturday! From doctor appointments and two weeks off from work to appointments with our florist, dress fittings, and menu editing, I went from feeling overjoyed and hopeful to helpless and frustrated. I had to grieve the loss of my mobility and independence while gaining forced downtime in a previous lifestyle where it was always go, go, go. Through it all, my friends and family have been there - literally and figuratively - whether it be keeping me company, cooking food, coming by for a drink, or sending messages, flowers, balloons, and cards. But most importantly, my fiancĂ© has been my rock.
Dan...your patience, kindness, sensitivity, and unconditional love have been the only reason that I have been able to keep going. You pushed me in the wheelchair and pushed my spirits to heights that I never knew I was capable of reaching. With your love, we will make it through anything.

Thank you to all for your encouragement and support!

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