November 20, 2013

Napa Stripes

We're back! 

San Francisco and Napa were everything that we wanted for our honeymoon - relaxing, indulgent, and fun! To say that these past two weeks have been the best of my life is certainly putting it mildly. Dan and I have been completely overwhelmed and humbled by the love and well wishes of our family and friends during this joyous time. While any pictures from the wedding festivities or honeymoon will be posted in no particular order (case in point - these are from our last day in Napa, CA during our wine tour), I hope you enjoy 'em.

Rutherford Grove Winery :: Phenomenal zinfandel and an earthly Merlot that changed my mind about both varietals. Also, boasts a beautiful spot to eat lunch outside, especially when it's 65 and sunny.
Hess Collection :: My all-time fave is their Allomi Cabernet - buttery, smooth, and soft tannins. While it's in mass production, the vineyard is still worth a visit for the art gallery and the smaller batch wines. 
Hopper Creek :: This boutique vineyard, with a great view, produces 2,500 cases so there is a commitment to quality that you can taste. I couldn't pick a favorite, but the Chardonnay surprised me.
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