November 29, 2013

While in San Francisco...

Panoramic shot of the bay from Sausalito

Since I knew I'd be drinking my fair share of wine in Napa, I stuck to cocktails, like Buena Vista's famous Irish Coffee or a Red Hen Margarita - no sour mix in this concoction!

A stop at Amoeba Records was a must for my vinyl obsessed hubby. It's the largest independent record store in the world, yet the staff was helpful and it was incredibly well organized.

While we love living in Chicago, the lack of fresh seafood is certainly something we would change. We took advantage of any shellfish at every meal, like linguine and clam sauce in Sausalito, oysters in Fisherman's Wharf, or a Shrimp Louie salad while shopping in Union Square.

Fisherman's Wharf was our first priority when we arrived and it set the tone for what we could expect through our trip - beautiful weather and views, delicious food and drinks, and a laid back atmosphere with tons to do.

The last meal of our trip was at Mustard's in Napa. They use produce from their own gardens and man, oh man, does it show! I had salmon with golden beets and brussel sprouts while Dan got the Mongolian pork chop with red cabbage.

I'm a vintage junkie, so I knew we needed to make a trip to The Haight. I was in awe of the amount of variation and excellent condition of the items. From jewelry and hats to pocket squares and black tie dresses, I couldn't help but touch just about everything! 

Also at Mustard's, is their famous Lemon-Lime tart featuring an incredibly tall topper of melt-in-your-mouth meringue.

The sea lions of Pier 39 were very loud and a little stinky, but somehow calming and able to quiet my usually overactive mind. They came after an earthquake in 1989 and have continued to thrive in the wharf.

Selfies with sunglasses were necessary since it was never overcast - lucky us!

Golden Gate Warriors vs. Oklahoma City Thunder was an amazing fan experience and a really close game to boot! It was easy to jump on the bandwagon with the San Francisco sports teams, especially since Dan already loves the Oakland Raiders (second to the Bears, of course).

Thanks for a perfect honeymoon, San Francisco!

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