November 1, 2013

Worth the Click

Taking a cue from my favorite lifestyle blog Cupcakes & Cashmere, I've decided to make a list of some amazing things that I've come upon recently while perusing the internet as well as sites that I visit on a daily basis for a laugh, news, or inspiration. 
These maps will help you make sense of the world.
I couldn't stop shaking my head and grinning while watching this time lapse of a hot air balloon festival.
The difference maker for your face: how to highlight
Can't find a black full miniskirt? Search on ShopStyle for this and any clothing item.
Want to cook gluten free? Try a recipe from this blog.
If you're DIY-ing anything, you need to visit this site for cheap crafts.
Instead of just plopping supermarket flowers in an old vase, arrange them!
How to make cocktails with my favorite liqueur: St. Germain.
Complete with trailers and reasoning, this is the best top movie list I've come across.
The first look: I can only imagine Dan's response to seeing me after looking at these.

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