June 15, 2014

Sheer and Presently Pregnant

My newest obsession is a sheer hemline. 
Oh, and wearing dark lipstick in the summer - it feels even more chic than during the apropos winter months.

Recreate my look:


DressUpNotDown said...

Oh how funny, I wore dark lipstick and a sheer hemline last night. Great minds really do think alike. Too bad I didn't get to blog my outfit though.

I love your dress, and your shoe choice with it is so cool!


Unknown said...

Wow!!!! What a nice fashion and style.Specially the shoes are really standard and good looking. I love to wear the shoes. Standard selection for Pregnant women. I love the dress and style. The black dress is my favorite one. I simply cherish the dress! They are damn delightful.....

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