March 10, 2011

Are you a maxi-nista?

One of my favorite trends for the spring, summer, and fall, is the maxi skirt. In viewing other fashion blogs, magazines, and pictures from Paris Fashion Week, I am truly inspired by this retro reintegration of the 1970s. I just wish my mom had saved some of her hippie pieces! Look at how these women have done it and made it relevant for this decade!

In my understanding of this trend, it is imperative to do the following. Numero uno, showcase the waist! For instance, the middle picture in the bottom trifecta of options, I would belt the sweater. My personal style makes flowers, ruffles, or stripes a possibility; however, I understand that others might need some easing into this through more monochromatic means.

My go to would be a black or dark gray in a cotton blend. You want it to hug your curves, but sway enough to be comfortable. For a spring day, I would pair it with flats or flat black motorcycle boots (depending on the weather), a basic v-neck tee in striped or a single color, a distressed belt, and a long v-neck cardigan or jean jacket. Throw on a tough cuff and a statement necklace to jazz it up!  If it's chilly, top it off with a shorter toggle or peacoat. At night, change to ankle boots and a long blazer on top of that tee. Once it's summer, start with a tank top, add a sleeveless jacket/vest, or a knotted up button-down, or just throw on a a hip-slung belt with gladiator sandals and call it a day!

It seems that this skirt option could be scary for some of you and you'll start thinking, "I can't pull that off," but I assure you, it is flattering and all you need are the right add-ons!

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