March 17, 2011

Harem to do 'em right!

Yesterday, in Oakbrook's TJ Maxx, I made a once a once in a lifetime purchase...a pair of Theory cropped silk stretch pants, at about a third of the price!

A belly dancer's costume incorporates the most recognized form of harem pants; however, that is NOT what we are talking about with this incarnation. Please note the pleats and side zip closure, which let the front be the focus, which is the entire point of this style. There are ways to ease into this trend, and these type are the perfect way. They are totally appropriate for work and play, as you can see below...
I love how she styled this with accessories that made it completely daytime, but can also be taken into cocktail hour. It's a really great way to update those over-worn and blending into the crowd bootcut variety we all have. I cannot wait to wear these with a cropped loose blouse, a tucked in tie neck blouse, a sparkly tank  with a boyfriend blazer, or simply a slim tee and a big necklace. How easy does that sound?!

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