May 18, 2011

Be shorts!

We had a bit of a taste last week, but soon enough, the warm weather will be hear to stay! I might love my skirts, evidenced by the amount in my closet in comparison with pants, but shorts get a lot of my love in the summer. You'll definitely see me in jean cut-offs and bright or patterned chinos throughout the season during the day, so I am uber excited about trying out the fancy varieties for night that are popping up everywhere!

Scalloped edges? High-waisted silk? Leather? Bring 'em on! How about lace, embellished, and patterned silk? You betcha. I don't know about you, but full length jeans in the middle of summer? It makes me overheat just thinking about it! Therefore, skirts and shorts will be thrown on for a night out a large percentage of the time, pretty much any time you're not wearing an adorable summer dress. So what are our options for purchasing your own perfect pair of evening shorts? Let me share my finds from Shopbop, Topshop, and Anthropologie....

Wear these with a tucked in ivory tunic (to show off that waistband) with the sleeves rolled up...and espadrilles.
These can be worn with a boyfriend blazer in a muted neutral, just like Kate...and a chunky heel.
A beautiful coral chiffon embellished with beading looks great with a chambray shirt or a striped tee to downplay the fancy...and metallic wedges or nude heels. 
 A loose olive silk can play handle additional flow with a patterned tank (like mine from Francesca's) and gladiators, as shown, or a white tank, statement necklace, and strappy sandals. 

Each of these gems have one thing in common...they're loose. The last thing you want is looking like you're wearing the spandex reserved for the gym! 

Bring on the heat, Chi town...we're ready for it.

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