May 16, 2011

Where my heart is...

For the last two weeks, I have been less obsessed with clothes and more focused on decorating my new apartment. Any spending money I have, is going towards Ikea, HomeGoods, and World Market. I'm super happy in my studio space and the building itself has been really easy to adjust to, which is no surprise, considering there's a door man, dry cleaner, mini mart, and sun deck, among other amenities, and I have a walk-in eight, yes, eight foot long closet. Heaven! Since it is my first time living alone, I have been forced, albeit willingly, to buy just about everything from furniture and frames to silverware and a screwdriver. Since my bed and living space had to coexist due to a lack in physical separation, the inspiration was a color scheme, rather than a piece of furniture or a picture. Black & white, lime green, purple, and amber.
 Once I decided that this was the direction I would start decorating, I realized what I already had in my possession that were exactly in line. A black rod-iron head and foot board, black & white paisley duvet cover, and lime green sheets; a purple 5x7 Ikea rug; oak desk & hutch as well as a matching bookcase; and this picture of Chicago.
 As you can surmise, I am missing a number of items that are needed for such necessary things like entertaining, sitting, and eating. Therefore, I give you my most recent purchases.
Cognac leather couch from Value City, Ikea chair, Ikea coffee table, Ikea gray floor lamp.
The next project is to randomly nail up my pictures in my entry way above a yet to be purchased console table.
I have to say that interior design and planning a room is much more complicated than outfits, but I am enjoying figuring it out!

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