July 25, 2011

Taste the Rainbow

Although I have seen so many of my blog crushes stating that they're wearing vintage bracelets, pants, shirts, skirts, etc., I had no idea where to start shopping for these retro finds. Then yesterday, the style gods smiled upon me... There I was, just strolling up and down Belmont when suddenly I took in the entirety of the Belmont Army Surplus store, which to my surprise includes a vintage shop on the top floor. Hallelujah. I was like a kid in a candy store, or maybe even my adult self in a candy store - I have a sweet tooth, okay?! There were so many items that I could have seen my mother, aunts, or even grandma wear in their hay day. I wanted everything to fit, but alas I made out with only one skirt. Behold...
Fuchsia. Wool. Front slit. Pencil style. Part elastic waist (great for holiday dinners).  
Not to mention how amazing it looks with mustard, neon yellow, olive green, chambray, orange, and purple...to name a few. And the sprinkles on top? It was $15. Sold.

Where do you shop vintage? I need more of an arsenal!


audrey marie said...

great find - love the skirt!!

S said...

check out the salvation army on grand - although it's a bit sketch they have great finds on the middle floor and the top floor has great apartment finds. i found a Tiffany's china decanter circa the 50's for like 20$. oh and also randolph street antique market for cute little finds and jewelry!