October 20, 2011


 You may have noticed one particular trend in all of my outfit posts - lipstick. Orange, pink, nude, red, berry...it's all fab to me, especially when it's of the Revlon variety. Believe me, I was a lip gloss devotee my entire life. I loved the wet and glittery look, and was minorly (ok, majorly) obsessed with continually smacking on the gooey substance a few (ok, a dozen) times per day. 
I must say, though, that I have become officially matte-sessed. 

I certainly suggest that you consider doing the same. It's much like wearing red high heels, a leopard belt, or black nails - why reserve these things like a fine china? I used to wear my one red lipstick (that I've had for 2 years...probably unsanitary) only once in a while (read: weddings) but then thought, "What's the point in keeping the lid on such a fun and confident feeling - why not make every day special?

Persian Melon, Benefit Mod Squad, Love That Pink, Orange Flip, Certainly Red, Raspberry Bite, and Cherries in the Snow

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