May 3, 2012

Murky Dismal

Where did all the color go? This outfit is a complete departure from my usual Rainbow Brite-like presentation. Therefore, call me "Murky Dismal," the main villain from the TV series. The story goes that Murky, as a youth, colored on the walls with crayons, paints, and markers (as most kids do at some point), but his mother made him wash it all off even if it takes the rest of his life! This led poor lil Murky to hate color - a typical trauma response. Way to go, Mrs. Dismal! Thank goodness that people like Rainbow Brite exist to keep the color in this world!

I Heart Ronson shirt, XXI hoodie, Club Monaco skirt, Stella & Dot and Target necklaces, White Mountain booties,  Revlon Persian Melon lipstick

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