October 17, 2013

Because I Must Wear Flats

It's no secret I'm a heels girl; however, I recently broke my fibula and tibia simply by stepping off the sidewalk in these beloved platforms. Therefore, I'm using crutches or a knee scooter until I can bear weight on my right foot (date to be determined) and have to accept that it will be a very long time until I'm wearing anything higher than 1.5 inches off the ground. Since flats account for only 25% of my entire collection, I need to expand my selection.

Before my injury, wearing flats was more of a necessity to commute to work. I would put on my Tom's for the train ride and lovingly placing my heels in my work tote to change into immediately upon entering the office. I have already begun to realize that my extra long wide leg trousers and below the knee pencil skirts will have to move to the back of my closet in favor of full mini and midiskirts, ankle pants, and maxi dresses, but I'm ready for the challenge...and some rewards points from my favorite shoe stores!

These are the five styles I will be wearing and buying in the next few months:

:: Metallic Pointy Toe ::
Despite not having the leg lengthening effects of a stiletto, the pointy toe will at least help rather than hinder in the flattering department, unlike the rounded toe sometimes can (especially for those of us with large feet).
:: Over the Knee Boot ::
Whether in suede, leather, or mixed materials, this type will keep you warm and stylish and maintain a clean line with every skirt you own or over your skinny jeans and leggings
The borrowed from the boys look continues from crisp shirts and tweed to below the ankle and in burgundy, teal, or mustard, the colors will compliment all autumnal hues.
Print mixers raise your hand, because these are for you! Leopard, plaid, polka dot, zebra, or tribal prints will be a great way to add texture and interest to the bottom half of your outfit.
This material is the "it" girl of shoes - just don't wear it in the snow/rain - and for those who have multiple black flats, this is a new spin on an old favorite.

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