October 16, 2013

Top Five Accessory Trends for Fall

:: Hologram ::
This interesting hue has the same impact and ability to match just about everything as the standard metallics; however, it will cheer up your slate gray and wool textures and play well with pastels come spring.
:: Signet pinky ring ::
This look isn't just for members of the mafia, you can rock your initials or a meaningful symbol too! The finger adornment trend now is about stacking dainty rings and this trend falls right in step. Find one on Etsy.
:: White socks ::
Due large in part to these Valentino heelswhite socks with heels, whether they be t-strap, ankle strap, or a simple pump, are a cheeky way to add texture and enhance any white in your outfit.
:: Brooches in unexpected places ::
Sure, a vintage brooch on the collar of your coat is still chic and classy, but why not place it on the neck line of your sweater, as a button for your blazer, atop your top bun, or on your stocking cap? Why not indeed. 
:: Leather baseball cap ::
I'm pretty sure I don't need to reiterate the importance of this topper (cited here and here) to hide a bad hair day or add some edginess and serious style street cred. Go get one NOW!
All images via Pinterest

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