May 23, 2012


When it's raining and I'm in a car, I have an OCD-like need to ensure that the raindrops are cleared by the wipers in a responsible fashion. It's a very fine line between too fast, so that the wipers are going across a dry windshield, and too slow, where the drops build up and are in the way of my ability to see the road. Even if I'm not the one driving, I have been known to reach over and adjust the wiper speed. It might be dangerous, but so am I if I'm in an enclosed space and feeling out of control. Also, I do not call raindrops as such - they are "spreckles." This scarf, with its little dots of crystals, reminded me of spreckles on a windshield thereby justifying this view into my psyche. Yes, I'm a little weird, but I hope you still want to be friends. Please?

Target kimono, Express blouse, Gap jeans, Francesca's scarf, Loft & NY & Co jewelry, Nine West sandals, Coach purse

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